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Informed Radio’s Interview with Pastor Rick Scarborough of Vision America

Informed Radio’s Interview with Pastor Rick Scarborough of Vision America

October 31, 2018

  A very insightful interview with Pastor Rick Scarborough about Vision America, the Mid-Term Elections and the importance of the Christian Voter. 

Vision America is organized exclusively for religious, religious charitable, and religious educational purposes, including but not limited to (a) educating churches and Christians regarding Biblical teachings concerning our duties to understand and fulfill our God-given responsibilities as citizens, (b) mobilizing Christians and churches to fulfill those responsibilities in order to strengthen society and governmental structures, (c) facilitating churches in the spread of the Gospel in ways that strengthens our society and our governmental structures, and (d) making distributions to or for the use of exempt organizations.

At its core, Vision America is a movement of mobilized churches aimed at sparking a national revival so that our nation turns in prayerful submission to the Lordship of Christ. Our stated mission is to organize, engage, mobilize, and empower churches, their pastors, and their congregations, collectively and individually, to live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ in every area of life, with an emphasis on fulfilling their civic responsibilities and impacting the broader culture for Christ.

What We Do

We engage, equip, and empower pastors and people of faith to influence the culture through active civic involvement for spiritual awakening.

How We Do It

We offer free educational resources to pastors and people of faith to empower and mobilize them to action. We use the latest technology and detailed public data to analyze where to focus our resources to make the greatest impact at the most politically opportune times. We target our efforts to areas in which voter turnout or citizen engagement has been historically poor so that we can bring measurable change in outcomes and/or issues that concern our nation.


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Informed Radio’s Interview with  Lt. Gen. (Ret.) William G. “Jerry” Boykin of Family Research Council

Informed Radio’s Interview with Lt. Gen. (Ret.) William G. “Jerry” Boykin of Family Research Council

October 31, 2018

What a powerful Interview with Lt. General (ret) Boykin, as we discuss the importance of voting and we talk about the impact of Iran, North Korea, Russia and China, in our world today. This is an interview you will want to share for sure. This man has set the helm of top matters for years and has great insight to what is happening and why it is happening.

He was one of the original members of the U.S. Army's Delta Force. He was privileged to ultimately command these elite warriors in combat operations. Later, Jerry Boykin commanded all the Army's Green Berets as well as the Special Warfare Center and School.

In all, Lt. Gen. Boykin spent 36 years in the army, serving his last four years as the Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence. He is an ordained minister with a passion for spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and encouraging Christians to become warriors in God's Kingdom.

Jerry and his wife Ashley enjoy spending time with their five children and growing number of grandchildren.



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“Psstt! You Don’t Need to Vote ‘Cause God is Sovereign” Here’s The Deal with Larry Tomczak

“Psstt! You Don’t Need to Vote ‘Cause God is Sovereign” Here’s The Deal with Larry Tomczak

October 28, 2018

“Psstt! You Don’t Need to Vote ‘Cause God is Sovereign”

America is at the tipping point. This midterm election is the most important one in our lifetime. We could lose both the Senate and House if scores of patriotic supporters of faith, family and faithful adherence to the Constitution don’t engage in our sacred duty to pray and cast our votes.  

“But God is Sovereign and He’s in control! We don’t need to vote. We can if we 'feel led' but it's optional. No one should feel pressured 'cause that gets into legalism. Hey, our pastor says little about it, plus no one knows if he votes so..."



Human responsibility without the Sovereignty of God is humanism. The Sovereignty of God without human responsibility is fatalism. Therefore, Biblically-informed believers put the accent on His Sovereignty and then put our faith into action knowing that “faith without works is dead” (James 2:26).

The secular culture around us really doesn’t mind Christians having uplifting worship, prayer and sermons as long as everything stays within the silo of the service. Trouble starts when we challenge unrighteous decrees like those endorsing abortion and homosexuality by affirming the New Testament message of the Kingdom rule of God which Jesus, Paul and Peter preached (“Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”). This brings the Lordship of Jesus Christ into every sphere of life, counters unscriptural deception and causes upheaval in society.


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Here’s The Deal with Larry Tomczak Re: In Such a Time as This, Should Pastors Avoid or Address Serious Issues?

Here’s The Deal with Larry Tomczak Re: In Such a Time as This, Should Pastors Avoid or Address Serious Issues?

October 24, 2018

"We need preachers who preach that hell's still hot, heaven's still real, sin's still wrong and the Bible is God’s Word" AW Tozer

An Absentee Church?

A pastor confessed to me a struggle that resonates with scores of pastors: "How do we hang on to Millennials? They're leaving in droves."

The reality is many don't see any real-world-relevance in the church. Issues of today aren't being addressed (while they sure are by an activist secular media). Because they observe an absentee church, they're increasingly absentee attenders.

New Testament writers didn't just preach in an expository way but targeted issues Christians faced. The Scriptures were applied in a contemporary, meaningful way.

The Ford/Kavanaugh hearings mesmerized millions. How many pastors seized the moment to instruct congregations on a biblically-informed understanding of conflict resolution, law and justice? Or did multitudes simply go on with their pre-planned 26-week sermon series on a book of the Bible or continue with uplifting, crowd-pleasing "How to be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy" motivational messages?

Informed Radio’s Interview with Author/ Joe Battaglia Re: “Unfriended”

Informed Radio’s Interview with Author/ Joe Battaglia Re: “Unfriended”

October 18, 2018

All of you know I enjoy a great conversation with people, especially authors who convey a timely message..Well. this is one of those conversations, I completely enjoyed having and INFORMING you the listener about another great book, that you need, honestly need.

The insight and wisdom found wihtin the pages of this book are so timely to our culture today and where we all stand within the frame work of social media.

We live in a hyperconnected world, and yet we’re more disconnected than ever. We spend more time scrolling through Instagram than we do talking with our families. We’ve never had more “friends”, but we have no one to meet for coffee.

Joe Battaglia understands that we are wired to have community, and that smartphones cannot meet our needs for love, acceptance, touch, and connection. In Unfriended, Battaglia uses research, personal insight, and biblical truths to help you:

- leave behind the anonymity of the Internet and get face-to-face with people.
- go beyond the “like” button and establish meaningful relationships.
- get out from behind your screen and enjoy God’s creation.
- avoid toxic social media debates and become a vehicle of change.

Unfriended will help you shake off your digital fatigue and get back to real-life, real-world relationships with real people.

Additional guest chapters by Iris C. O’Brien, Michael Guillen, Donna Rice Hughes, and Delilah.


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Informed Radio’s Interview with David Baroni

Informed Radio’s Interview with David Baroni

October 18, 2018

We have a great conversation with David about the music, the ministry and family.

If you love great anointed gospel music, with a flair of jazz or maybe you enjoy instrumentals of the greatest hits in worship music, you will find it at www.davidbaroni.com 

David is an internationally known songwriter, singer, musician, producer, arranger, conference speaker, recording artist and worship leader. David has been a songwriter with Integrity Music, and is the president of KingdomSongs Inc.

David and his wife, Rita, have ministered in 27 nations and 49 states.

His songs have been recorded by Michael W. Smith, Ron Kenoly, Alvin Slaughter, Kent Henry, Don Moen, Selah, Morris Chapman, Phil Driscoll, Debby Boone, The Imperials, Morris Chapman, Natalie Grant and many others. His latest releases are “Worship" and “The Great Worship Songs Solo Piano.”

Perhaps best known for his thoughtful, well crafted lyrics and prophetic, intuitive keyboard playing, David combines a childlike exuberance for Christ with the maturity of a seasoned minister of the Gospel. David served on the faculty of the International Worship Institute for 15 years and is a member of The Gate Church in Franklin TN.

He and Rita have 3 grown daughters, 2 grandsons, Elisha David and Banner Thomas; and 2 granddaughters Ali Grace and Alana Gabrielle!

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Informed Radio’s Interview with Author Raymond Harris Re: “Business By Design”

Informed Radio’s Interview with Author Raymond Harris Re: “Business By Design”

October 18, 2018

You don’t need to quit your day job to serve God.

Do you find it difficult to work with joy? Do you have a hard time with coworkers? Is your identity wrapped up in your job?

Many Christian leaders struggle to bridge the gap between the sacred and the secular—particularly at work. Raymond Harris addressed this dilemma and found true success as one of the most prolific American architects.

Business by Design draws upon biblical principles and life experiences to help you:

  • Avoid the swirl of busyness and develop an eternity-driven mind-set.

  • Exceed worldly standards and demonstrate generosity, compassion, forgiveness, and diligence.

  • Look beyond your own needs and use profits to promote God’s kingdom.

  • Let go of feeling you’re not doing enough for God and recognize your service to Him at work.

The teachings and example of Jesus can transform your professional life and make you more effective in the workplace. Join your faith and work, and discover your ultimate purpose.


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Informed Radio’s Interview with Debbie Wuthnow Exec. Dir. at iVoterGuide.com

Informed Radio’s Interview with Debbie Wuthnow Exec. Dir. at iVoterGuide.com

October 18, 2018

A wonderful interview with Debbie Wuthnow, the Executive Director of iVoterGuide.com

While it’s easy for most people to follow along with the top stories and the names in the headlines, it can be a daunting task to keep track of which Senate and House seats, Governor’s races, and state legislative positions are up for grabs.

iVoterGuide keeps track of these critically important races across the U.S. at many levels. With less than 30 days until the November 2018 general election — and with early voting having begun in 25 states — it is no exaggeration for us to say that this election will make or break the future for our families and freedoms. 

Here’s what’s at stake:

1) The party of the President almost always loses seats in the midterm election.  In four out of five recent midterm elections, the opposing party made huge gains.  In 2018, with the more conservative party having control of the White House and both houses of Congress, the importance of conservative turnout can almost not be overstated.  People of faith need to turn out in record numbers.  So much hangs in the balance.  We all must do our part – and then we must trust God with the rest.

2) If the Left wrests control over the U.S. House of Representatives, they will almost certainly attempt to make good on threats of impeaching the President — raising the stakes for retaining the balance of power in the House.

3) If the liberals gain control of the Senate, we will loose the momentum we’ve made in judicial appointments — momentum that could one day protect religious liberty in our public schools and reverse Roe v. Wade. We all know that at least one U.S. Supreme Court seat is at stake, but did you know that the balance of power throughout the circuit courts also rides on the outcome of Election 2018?  Take a look at the research that  shows what the Courts will look like in 2024 if the Left takes control vs. what it will look like if the Right keeps control of appointments and confirmations.

4) Many of the state legislators elected in 2018 will be governing during the 2020 census and redistricting process.  More than 80% of elections are decided in the primaries because of gerrymandering, and the party in control of the state legislatures at that time will affect votes more than a decade to come.

So, how can you impact the outcome of the election?

* Fully participate in and be a good steward of our right to vote.  Knowledge is power, and learning who and what is on your ballot is incumbent upon you as a citizen.

Share the truth, in love, with other believers.  iVoterGuide provides an easy-to-share platform for you to help other God-fearing Americans know where the candidates stand on the issues important to people of faith.

Be salt and light to those who don’t have the same foundations as you do but who are willing to listen and engage.  iVoterGuide works hard every day to provide data so you can share the facts with confidence and in a way that convinces — rather than intimates or frightens — voters of many backgrounds, beliefs, and ways of life.

iVoterGuide doesn’t tell anyone who to vote for.  We just present the facts so people can compare the candidates side-by-side, based upon what they do — not just what they say they’ll do.   We’re looking for candidates who won’t just say what they’ll do, but will go out there and do what they say!  We call it “walking-the-talk,” and it’s the basis for our only annual fundraising event, the Walk-the-Talk Awards.

The event takes places in Dallas, Texas on October 23, and if any of you are in the area, we’d love for you to join us as we honor some Texas legislators who not only campaigned as conservatives, but went on to govern on those same principles.

Even if you’re not close geographically, you can be a part of this immense effort by contributing or sponsoring a table.  We are covering 1,000 races in all 50 states, and all of our work is made possible by your giving and God’s faithfulness. 
As the voices on each side of our national debate dominate the headlines, we hope you will take this opportunity to see not only what’s at stake but also what’s possible when the people of God pray, share, and turn out to vote.

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Informed Radio’s Interview with Pastor/Author Mark Driscoll Re: Spirit Filled Jesus”

Informed Radio’s Interview with Pastor/Author Mark Driscoll Re: Spirit Filled Jesus”

October 16, 2018


Pastor Mark Driscoll shares with us the depth that his latest book "Spirit Filled Jesus can bring into our lives, based on scripture and God's love letter to all of and the magnificient road map to an over coming life, that bears fruit and gifts.

When Jesus needed help, He went to the Helper. Where do you go? If Jesus needed help, we all do. Spirit-Filled Jesus explores the role of the Holy Spirit in and through the life of Jesus, revealing aspects of His life that have not been examined before and helping you see how this applies to you. Everyone knows the Holy Spirit as the Helper but may not realize He helped Jesus. Jesus resisted temptation, endured suffering, and overcame Satan, all by the power of the Spirit. You can do the same. The Spirit that empowered Jesus also lives in you! God wants us not only to admire the life of Jesus and reflect it in our lives but also to experience the same source of life-giving power that Jesus did.

Here’s The Deal with Larry Tomczak “Sex and The City (of God)

Here’s The Deal with Larry Tomczak “Sex and The City (of God)

October 16, 2018

Here's the Deal, by Matt Barber

It's rampant, even out of control! "Nah, it's OK, I mean everybody is free to do what they want." Really, Can we? or the better question is Should we?

The 1960s sexual revolution gave us "freedoms": hooking up, living together, abortion, homosexual unions, pornography, transgenderism and "safe sex."

The CDC says we now have a "public health crisis" of 115 million Americans with epidemic STDs. What went wrong with Sex and the City permissiveness? Discover brutal realities alongside the beautiful design for those in the city of God.

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Informed Radio’s Interview with author Stasi Eldredge about her latest book “Defiant Joy”

Informed Radio’s Interview with author Stasi Eldredge about her latest book “Defiant Joy”

October 16, 2018

 Wonderful interview with Stasi Eldredge about her latest book, "Defiant Joy" 

“The newsfeed on any given day is heartbreaking,” says Eldredge. “People are not only losing hope, they are losing heart. And we need our hearts back. We need true hope. It is possible in the middle of the sorrows of life to experience a life changing, reality based joy that is tethered to the hope we have in Christ!”


Written in one of the toughest years of her life, Eldredge explores how to embrace the mystery that suffering and joy can coexist. From the loss of loved ones and physical pain, to depression and struggles with food, Eldredge provides a blueprint to choose love over fear and fully understand that, because of God, we can know a joy that is defiant in the face of this broken world.


“Defiant Joy is a clarion call to press into the heart of God in new and life-giving ways,” continues Eldredge. “In the age we are living in, possessing joy can feel almost impossible. Yet, we are called to have joy, and if we are called to it, then it is possible. This book is an invitation to know a joy – a joy fully grounded in hope – that strengthens us and sustains us in the middle of our everyday lives and in the middle of the extremely painful seasons as well.”  

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Informed Radio’s Interview with President and CEO of Open Doors USA Re: “The Korea Atrocities”

Informed Radio’s Interview with President and CEO of Open Doors USA Re: “The Korea Atrocities”

October 12, 2018

My friends, this is one you truly want to listen to and share with all that you can. Our brothers and sisters in North Korea are in critical condition and need our support and prayers.

Firsthand Accounts Tell of Atrocities in North Korea

Open Doors USA Launches Resource Site for Media

 Under the totalitarian Kim regime in North Korea, details about day-to-day living there are often scarce. Open Doors USA recently launched a new online resource for media detailing the human rights violations and oppression of the regime. The website provides firsthand accounts, photos, videos, stats and interview opportunities. The firsthand accounts detail living through prison camps, escaping the country, starvation, beatings and human trafficking.


Open Doors USA estimates there are tens of thousands of Christians in camps, restricted villages or otherwise imprisoned, many of whom are suffering under unthinkable conditions. 


In addition, the organization is calling attention to North Korea in early November. On the third at 5 p.m. PT, David Curry, president and CEO of Open Doors USA, is hosting a webinar to provide the latest persecution updates. He will be joined by South Korean Pastor Min-soo, who will provide firsthand accounts on North Korea. The efforts are part of the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church on Nov. 4. Individuals and churches are encouraged to participate and can access free, downloadable resources from the Open Doors website. Resources include: 

  • Prayer guide
  • Videos
  • Sermon outline
  • Bulletin insert
  • Poster
  • Infographic
  • Online prayer wall 

According to Curry, the International Day of Prayer is an important reminder for Americans living in Western countries. 


"The situation in North Korea is dire. We must support North Koreans with our prayers because many have said our prayers can be felt and provide strength," said Curry. "We must never forget those who are facing the unimaginable simply because of where they live."


Open Doors USA is asking for prayers for:  

  • Protection, strength and endurance for North Korea Christians who face persecution from state authorities and their non-Christian families, friends and neighbors; 
  • North Korean President Kim Jong Un and his regime to come to know the one true God and open his country to the Gospel for healing and restoration;
  • God to move in Kim Jong Un to release the estimated 50,000 Christians who are unjustly held in detention centers and prison camps throughout the country;
  • The underground church to grow in boldness and be ready for widespread evangelism efforts when the opportunity arises; and
  • Kim Jong Un to allow for the creation of new churches where North Koreans can freely worship.

More information on North Korea can be found here

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Informed Radio’s Interview with Dede Laugesen of  Saved The Persecuted Christians Coalition

Informed Radio’s Interview with Dede Laugesen of Saved The Persecuted Christians Coalition

October 10, 2018


“SAVE US” Movement Works to End the World’s Horrific Persecution Problem


“Why is the world silent while Christians are being slaughtered? The Jewish people understand all too well what can happen when the world is silent.” – Ronald S. Lauder, President, World Jewish Congress


Too few Americans know that 215 million Christians in a record number of countries around the world are subjected to brutal human rights abuses and even genocidal violence by authoritarian regimes and radical groups.


Western Media, countless elected officials, and even some faith leaders have been silent too long to this Anti-Christian plague of oppression and death sweeping the globe .


These crimes against humanity have been allowed to fester and proliferate.


Modern, Global Church Persecution Statistics

  • By 2013, more than 450,000 Syrian Christians had fled their homes during two years of war and persecution (NY Times).
  • 255 Christians are killed for their faith every month (Open Doors).
  • 214 churches and Christian properties are destroyed every month (Open Doors).
  • 772 forms of violence (beatings, kidnappings, rape, arrest, etc.) are committed against Christians every month (Open Doors).

Current data and anecdotal information from reputable sources, including the United States Government  show this may be the most dangerous time in history to be a Christian.


Save the Persecuted Christians Coalition is a vast and growing group of faith leaders and community influencers determined to raise awareness of the plight of the world’s Christians (Wall Street Journal).


We seek not only to alleviate the suffering, but to discourage and stop those responsible for it by igniting a movement to hold the persecutors accountable and create real cost for their crimes.


Join the “SAVE US” Movement at savethepersecutedchristians.org.


The 10 countries where Christians face the most extreme persecution are, in order:

  1. North Korea
  2. Somalia
  3. Afghanistan
  4. Pakistan Sudan
  5.  Syria
  6.  Iraq
  7.  Iran
  8.  Yemen
  9. 10. Eritrea

With such staggering statistics available, and the knowledge that most of these crimes are not covered in the media, the STPC Coalition developed a special news aggregatorwww.ChristianPersecutionNews.com—to capture current instances of persecution that do make the news and to provide those concerned an easy way to share these heartbreaking stories with others.


One of the ways Americans can render support is by encouraging their pastors and faith leaders to visit www.SaveThePersecutedChristians.org and to order a free banner to display in front of their houses of worship. These simple banners feature a graphic “SaveUs” plea with a cross and the coalition’s website where Americans can learn about the global persecution of Christians and find out more about what they can do to help.

Informed Radio’s Interview with Jorge Garcia of the New Movie “The Healer”

Informed Radio’s Interview with Jorge Garcia of the New Movie “The Healer”

October 9, 2018

Jorge Garcia is an American actor and comedian. He first came to public attention with his performance as Hector Lopez on the television show Becker, but is best known for his portrayal of Hugo "Hurley" Reyes in the television series Lost from 2004 to 2010. Garcia also performs as a stand-up comedian. He more recently starred in the FOX television series Alcatraz, as well as playing a minor character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He stars as Jerry Ortega on Hawaii Five-0. Most recently Jorge Garcia can be seen in the Netflix original movie Ridiculous 6.


In The Healer, Jorge plays Father Malloy, who is the priest in the town. While all the town members are up in arms that a “Healer” (played by Oliver Jackson Cohen), Father Malloy doesn’t believe that he’s a healer. It takes an unfortunate tragedy for him to see the light….

Informed Radio’s Interview with Art Ally of Timothy Plan

Informed Radio’s Interview with Art Ally of Timothy Plan

October 9, 2018

Very informative and fun interview with Art Ally, the founder and president of Timothy Plan.

Timothy Plan is steadfastly committed to maintaining portfolios that do not contain the securities of any company that is promoting an agenda contrary to the teachings of scripture, or is actively participating in activities that may prove destructive to our communities at large. The Timothy Plan embraces and declares the following set of principles to be the corporate philosophy to which we wholeheartedly subscribe:

  • To conduct every phase of our business in a manner that brings honor and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ;
  • To provide our mutual fund shareholders with the finest quality service available in the financial services industry;
  • To retain the confidence and trust of our shareholders through our total commitment to honesty and integrity in managing every aspect of their investments in the Timothy Plan mutual funds;
  • To consistently demonstrate our dedication to professionalism and excellence in everything we do;
  • To communicate with a sincere, caring attitude toward every shareholder or prospective shareholder; and,
  • To always place our shareholders' financial well-being above our own.
Here’s The Deal with Larry Tomczak Re: “You Won’t Believe The Anti-Biblical Values Your Children Are Learning  In School”

Here’s The Deal with Larry Tomczak Re: “You Won’t Believe The Anti-Biblical Values Your Children Are Learning In School”

October 9, 2018

How is it possible that young children and teenagers are increasingly engaging in sexual experimentation? What's behind this, and as responsible fathers and mothers what can we do to protect our young ones?

It's time to "wake up and smell the coffee" regarding today's increasing moral decline pointing to our desperate need for national repentance and a Third Great Awakening in America.

  • A father asked CNN's Chris Cuomo, "What if my 12-year-old daughter doesn't want to see [men] in the girl's locker room?" He responded, "Her overprotective father should teach her tolerance."

  • A mother OKs her older teens viewing A Star is Born, remembering the classic love story with Judy Garland's inspirational singing. Shockingly, she later discovers the remake stars Lady Gaga and contains graphic nudity, more than 100 profanities, repeated fornication, drag queens and suicide (Plugged In movie reviews).

Scripture prioritizes the training of our sons and daughters.

"Hear, my son, and receive my sayings, and the years of your life will be many. ... Do not enter the path of the wicked, and do not go in the way of evil men. Avoid it, do not travel on it; turn from it and pass on" (Prov. 4:10, 14-15).

Informed Radios Interview with Author Don Hawkins Re: Master Discipleship

Informed Radios Interview with Author Don Hawkins Re: Master Discipleship

October 5, 2018

A wonderful conversation with Don Hawkins as we discuss this great book on discipleship and his life in ministry. 

Don Hawkins, President of Encouragement Communications and the General Manager of The Worship Channel.

For 13 years he served as the ninth President of Southeastern Bible College in Birmingham, Alabama.  The former Vice President and Executive Director of the Minirth Meier Clinic, Dr. Hawkins has authored or co-authored over 20 books.  Dr. Hawkins came to Southeastern Bible College from Back to the Bible, where he served as co-host and producer of the Back to the Bible radio program, heard on over 600 stations worldwide.  He also hosted the live nationwide call-in program, Life Perspectives, for over twenty years.

Informed Radios interview with My Brothers Keeper Ministry

Informed Radios interview with My Brothers Keeper Ministry

October 5, 2018

A great interview with the guys at MBKDallas. We discuss the ministry and how they are helping men to walk according to scripture and the Holy Spirit. They are focused and driven to what God has birthed in their hearts. Your going to enjoy this interview, if you like a down home feel and conversation. check them out at www.mbkmdallas.com and make sure to be at the upcoming conference and take some other men with you and just network and worship together.

Informed Radios Interview with the Hon. Sam Rohrer, President of American Pastors Network (APN)

Informed Radios Interview with the Hon. Sam Rohrer, President of American Pastors Network (APN)

October 4, 2018

APN Calls for a National Day of Prayer TODAY, October 3, Regarding Importance of Supreme Court

Christians Must Pray During This Important Time

Yesterday on "Stand in the Gap Today" radio, the American Pastors Network hosts spent part of the first segment talking about the importance of prayer for the nation and the need for Christians to pray about the situation concerning the Supreme Court and Judge Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation. 

The leaders of APN and "Stand in the Gap" radio are suggesting that today—Wednesday, October 3—be set aside as a day of national prayer for this important time in American history and for the Court nomination, which will have impact for decades to come.

APN President Sam Rohrer said the following after last weeks Senate Judiciary Vote. "While this vote was important, it now becomes the decision of Senate leadership to wisely move this process forward without delay."

Informed Radios Interview with Air Force Special Ops Lt. Col. Damon Friedman, founder of SOF Missions

Informed Radios Interview with Air Force Special Ops Lt. Col. Damon Friedman, founder of SOF Missions

October 3, 2018

This had to be one of the most intrguing interviews, in a long time, if not ever! with Dr. Damon Friedman (Air Force Lt. Col.) 

Doctorate of Intercultural Studies, Master of International Relations 
President • Founder • Exec Producer • Special Ops Officer • Iraq & Afghanistan Veteran • Spirit of Hope Award Winner

All of you know I love our veterans, but may not know, that on average, 20 of them take their lives every single day and it is horriffic.

What are we going to do about it. Where can they turn to?

There is an answer and a hope..We need you to share this podcast for those that are hurting everyday and reliving so many components of their lives. You know someone in your family or sphere of influence that needs to hear this message, from this power team, that has dedicated their lives, to improve every aspect of veterans lives..Will you, just hit share? You never know this side of eternity the life you will impact and make a difference..

An Average of 20 Veterans Commit

Suicide Every Day, According to the VA

Air Force Lt. Col. Damon Friedman Works with Victims of PTSD


September is Suicide Prevention Month, and suicide is especially prevalent among veterans. According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, an average of 20 veterans commit suicide every day. Research suggests that there is a strong link between guilt related to combat and suicide for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).



Air Force Lt. Col. Damon Friedman, president of SOF Missions and executive producer of "Surrender Only to One," an award-winning docudrama about the effects of PTSD on veterans of special operations. Friedman, who is on active duty in special ops, has served in Iraq and Afghanistan and received three bronze stars, one with valor. When he finally came home, he suffered from PTSD-like symptoms, endangering his career and his marriage.



SOF Missions – short for Shield of Faith Missions – strives to "support warriors who struggle with post-traumatic stress and provide them with the tools to overcome the negative impacts of combat." The organization is based in Tampa. For more information, visit https://www.sofmissions.com/

Will you share?


Here’s The Deal with Larry Tomczak: 4 Keys to Rid Yourself of Guilt if You’re Still Sick or Need Surgery

Here’s The Deal with Larry Tomczak: 4 Keys to Rid Yourself of Guilt if You’re Still Sick or Need Surgery

October 3, 2018

Authentic Christians should have a passion for the restoration of New Testament Christianity. We should desire entire cities be converted, angelic visitations be frequent, demons be cast out and God's power manifest in dramatic healings and miracles.

But we must not romanticize the early church experience as if there was perfect unity, pervasive peace and nonstop healings. A careful reading of Scripture dispels any such notion. Not everyone was healed, believers suffered martyrdom and because of division it's noted, "For this reason many are weak and unhealthy among you, and many die" (1 Cor. 11:30).

Recently, I had a protracted period of suffering from an ailment, eventually requiring surgery, followed by several months of rehabilitation. During this season, demons tried to create mental guilt handles, whispering that if I had done or not done certain things, this never would've happened.