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Spark of Revival with Tom Phillips “The 1st Great Awakening”

Spark of Revival with Tom Phillips “The 1st Great Awakening”

August 1, 2019

"Indifference" of the church during the founding days of this country, is a key word that could be used to describe the culture of this time.

Colonies were growing and prospering.

The church being established in the colonies was losing it's power, the power to convict men's hearts and minds. The church even grew skeptical at this time in history, in the new America.

Worship became formal and lacking power.

Tom goes into great detail about the ministers of the time, such as Jonathan Edwards and many others.

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Sparks of Revival with Tom Phillips “Speaks with Mark Lee Dickerson of Right To Life of East Texas”

Sparks of Revival with Tom Phillips “Speaks with Mark Lee Dickerson of Right To Life of East Texas”

July 25, 2019


Tom interviews East Texas Right To Life Advocate Mark Lee Dickerson and his vision and outcome of a Sanctuary City for the unborn babies of our land.

Texas border city with a population of about 2,200 has declared itself a sanctuary for the unborn and has banned abortion.

Waskom, Texas, which borders Louisiana 20 miles west of Shreveport, claims to be the first city in the nation to become a "Sanctuary City for the Unborn" by way of a resolution and ordinance unanimously passed by five members of the city council.

Mark Lee Dickson, director of Right to Life of East Texas, presented the idea to the city council, frustrated that elected officials in Austin weren't passing any "meaningful legislation that protects unborn life."

"This is why we had to take things into our own hands and take it to the grassroots level," Dickson told Fox News. "Due to the recent pro-life legislation in Louisiana being so strong and due to the risk of an abortion clinic one day moving to Waskom, Texas, we decided to do something to protect the city, which was passing an ordinance outlawing abortion in Waskom, Texas."

Dickson added that in the past an abortion clinic was looking to move to Waskom, which would have served a 200-mile radius, making it an abortion destination.

Sparks of Revival with Tom Phillips “Kyle Williamson”

Sparks of Revival with Tom Phillips “Kyle Williamson”

July 25, 2019

Kyle Williamson is the owner and founder of DoveTel Communications, LLC., DBA SyncGlobal Telecom, and serves as the company’s CEO. In 2000 Kyle began marshaling support from municipal organizations and the local business community to improve West Georgia’s communications infrastructure. This local support, coupled with his experience in the telecommunications industry, culminated in the establishment of SyncGlobal (DoveTel Communications, LLC.) as a registered CLEC in 2003. 

Kyle has founded other successful ventures including SyncGlobal’s parent company, SynchroNet, Inc., a telecommunications EF&I (engineering, furnishing, and installation) company for which he also serves as CEO. Prior to his entrepreneurial successes, Kyle was fast-tracked to the position of Senior Systems Engineer in Northern Telecommunications’ Broadband Network Engineering division and was on the front lines of the telecom industry during the chaotic boom years that followed the 1996 Telecommunications Act.

As an engineer and chief executive, Kyle’s telecommunications expertise is wide-ranging. From designing some of the first CLEC transmission and access networks, to working with OEM’s on next-generation technology development, to tackling the regulatory issues that affect providers and consumers alike, Kyle’s deep understanding of the industry makes him uniquely qualified to anticipate trends and position SyncGlobal for long-term, sustainable growth. 

Kyle received a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.




Sparks of Revival with Tom Phillips “David Shibley and Jesus Movement 2.0″

Sparks of Revival with Tom Phillips “David Shibley and Jesus Movement 2.0″

July 25, 2019

David Shibley is the founder and international representative of Global Advance, a ministry that equips tens of thousands of church and business leaders every year in many of the world’s neediest areas. Called to a preaching ministry as a teenager in 1966, David has ministered throughout America and in 55 nations. He has pastored churches in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. He is the speaker for the syndicated broadcast, WorldWatch with David Shibley. David is the author of numerous articles and 22 books including the missions classics, A Force in the Earth and The Missions Addiction. He is a graduate of John Brown University, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and holds an honorary doctorate from Oral Roberts University.

David and Naomi have been married since 1972. They have two married sons and four grandchildren.

Global Advance was founded in 1990 by Dr. David Shibley. In the 1980s, God put a vision and burden in his heart to provide encouragement, resources, and training for frontline pastors in destitute nations of the world. Global Advance became a friend and advocate for indigenous pastors and church planters worldwide, challenging them to be catalysts for fulfilling the Great Commission.

Since 1990, Global Advance has provided indigenous training and ministry encouragement for more than 800,000 frontline leaders in 101 nations. Two training centers have been built and numerous strategic partnerships developed with hundreds of churches and ministries. 


Sparks of Revival with Tom Phillips “Unite Mississippi Interviews”

Sparks of Revival with Tom Phillips “Unite Mississippi Interviews”

July 20, 2019





Sparks of Revival with Tom Phillips ” Interview with Jordan Whitmer”

Sparks of Revival with Tom Phillips ” Interview with Jordan Whitmer”

July 18, 2019

Tom speaks with Jordan about what God is doing in this powerful Spark of Revival. A heritage of ministry through his family.

At 20 years old, Jordan's love for Christ is shining forth around the nation.

Jordan Whitmer, Founder / Executive Director, HowToLife Movement ®

     As a member of Generation “Z”, Jordan is uniquely positioned to impact his Generation with the Gospel.  Jordan has grown up in a multi-generational ministry family. He is a graduate of Liberty University, with a Bachelor’s in Religion: Biblical and Theological Studies, and is an ordained reverend.

     As a frequent speaker at churches and conferences, Whitmer challenges both young people and adults to join Jesus in fulfilling His Great Commission.  He has been the subject of numerous local and national media appearances for radio, television, and print.

     Jordan is passionate about mobilizing student leaders around the world to impact their generation for Christ.  He travels frequently, and can often be seen at Starbucks mentoring and encouraging young people to boldly lead for Jesus.


From Northern Arkansas, Jordan formed a prayer team in his high school and has seen great things in the youth of his area.

Forming The How To Life Movement as God has lead the way from 61 How to Life outreaches in the nation and around the world in 4 years time and in 19 states and 5 countries.

HowToLife is a fast-growing global youth movement of students mobilized together to lead their peers to stand and live for Jesus.

Your heart will break over a new study from George Barna, where he reports, “Generation Z is the Least Christian Generation in American History.”


  Here are some sobering conclusions --

  • 35% of Generation Z teens consider themselves to be atheist, agnostic, or not affiliated with any religion.

  • Only one out of three agree with the statement, “Lying is morally wrong.”

  • Only 4% of today’s teenagers hold a biblical worldview.


  These aren’t just statistics.  These represent lives of our generation.  I invite you to feel the brokenness of today’s youth.  The hurt. The pain. The lostness.

  So, how can we fix this?  How can we reverse these trends?  What we need is a spiritual awakening in today’s young people.  Our generation desperately needs Jesus.

        If a spiritual awakening DOESN’T HAPPEN, the future for this generation, this nation, and our world, is unthinkable.  We are one generation away from becoming a world that completely “forgot God.”

  Thank God He is raising up a movement!  HowToLife is a proven strategy that works.  The right message, the Gospel, is delivered through the right messengers – high school student leaders.  And God is transforming hearts.

Sparks of Revival with Tom Phillips “Emily Adams Comes Across a Spark of Revival”

Sparks of Revival with Tom Phillips “Emily Adams Comes Across a Spark of Revival”

June 25, 2019

Today on Sparks of Revival with Tom Phillips Emily Adams shares how she ran into a Spark of Revival on her return trip home from the Northeast Decision Tour with Franklin Graham, where they saw almost 4000 people make decisions for Christ. Emily tells how she met an Uber Driver that was taking her home and how God is using him to reach others for Christ through his work as an Uber Driver. Sparks of Revival can show up those places that we would least expect them to. They are all around us everyday, if we will just keep our hearts ears and eyes open to what God may be doing right where you are today.

We would love for you to share about those "Sparks of Revival" you meet along your journey.

Please share this podcast with others and let us encourage one another.

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Sparks of Revival with Tom Phillips “Interview with Greg Winslow”

Sparks of Revival with Tom Phillips “Interview with Greg Winslow”

June 10, 2019

Tom meets a wonderful Spark of Revival in New Hampshire while preparing for the Decision America Northeast Tour. 

Greg Winslow and a team from his ministry met at the arena days before the outreach, praying for America and that God would reach into the thousands of lives in attendance with the Gospel and see many come to Christ.

Greg shares his testimony and vision for what God has called him and his wife to for this time and season.

After graduating from Youth With A Mission (YWAM), Pastor Greg and Suzanne served faithfully in Mexico for over 25 years as Church planters, Senior Pastors, and intra church city and state wide organization.


The Lord began to deal with them concerning the great need the United States has for a move of the Spirit and moved their family back to New England in 2016. They serve as Connect Group Leaders, Prayer and Intercession Ministries to include New England wide prayer gatherings, and Mission and Evangelism training and outreach.

Sparks of Revival with Tom Phillips “Field Report” Emily Adams interviews Artist, Lisa Nelthropp

Sparks of Revival with Tom Phillips “Field Report” Emily Adams interviews Artist, Lisa Nelthropp

May 22, 2019

Primitive Historical Muralist and Faux Finishing Expert


 About Lisa Nelthropp:

Lisa Nelthropp, Primitive Muralist and Surface Designer, has been painting for over 25 years. Lisa paints historical and primitive paintings, portraits and murals from the 1800 and 19th century She has been featurd in such prestigious magazines as Yankee Magazine, New Hampshire Home Magazine, Early American Life Magazine and America's First Resort. She is certified and has extensive training in wood graining, marble, plaster, glazing, and the art of Trompe l'oeil, which she incorporates into her Murals, Fine Art and Primitive Portraits.


Lisa's mission statement is to preserve a part of our national heritage by painting in the styles of the early American itinerant limners. Through use of texture, perspective, the subtle harmony of color, and the play of light and shadow, Lisa creates timeless paintings murals and portraits for her national clients. Incorporating textures and finishes with passion, craftsmanship, and a quality of excellence while always keeping heritage techniques and workmanship within her historical interpertations.

Lisa has studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Surface Design and is schooled in the styles of Rufus Porter and The Hudson River Valley Painters. Her work has been featured in Yankee Magazine and N.H. Chronicle, and she has also been juried twice to be part of the Music Festival Showcase House (2002 and 2003).


  • Lisa Nelthropp with homeowners Edwin and Victoria Giron

  • Lisa Nelthropp - Muralist and Faux Finishing Expert

  • Lisa Nelthropp - In Action!

  • Lisa Nelthropp with homeowners Edwin and Victoria Giron

Lisa has one the highest award as a Traditional Artisan in the Directory of Traditional American Crafts in for the National Magazine Early American Life for 2011, and ranks top in her field. Recognized by experts and curators from such prestigious institutions as Colonial Williamsburg, Foundation, George Washington's Mount Vernon, Hancock Shaker Village, Kent State University, National Council on Historic Preservation, Old Sturbridge Village, Southern Highland Craft Guild, Strawberry Banke Museum, and Winterthur Museum. Lisa explains she is preserving traditional skills and craftsmanship which is a part of our American culture which is rapidly being lost in the digital age. Many of these skills were passed down from master to apprentice for hundreds of years but few new people choose to learn and master them.

Sparks of Revival with Tom Phillips  Episode 1  “Signs, Indicators and the Great Awakenings”

Sparks of Revival with Tom Phillips Episode 1 “Signs, Indicators and the Great Awakenings”

May 13, 2019


Sparks of Revival are burning all around us. What can you do to fan the flames? It may loom as a question within you that seems unanswerable.. Begin to develop your eyes to see revival in your world. Learn the truth of revival history. Discover the joy of true repentance in Jesus and pray with the global Body of Christ for the Holy Spirit to flow unhindered through the United States and the world. 


Throughout the years, hearkening back for centuries, there have been many instances of revival, not only in our land, but around the world. So, if you are a student of history, those accounts will provide at least twenty major illustrations of these times throughout the years. Yet, there is a hidden key to all of this history.

There have been many “known” revivals…but hundreds of countless others that have never been recorded. That is where you come into the picture.


It is precisely because of these historical accounts of revival, coupled with the current needs in our world that we want to bring you into a conversation that will explore, over the coming weeks, the answers that will equip you to join in this fight. Understand this… you hold within your hands, the power to literally change the world. Jesus has already chosen you. Believe it. Receive it…and act on it.


So, it now becomes our goal to teach, preach and train the “common man”, even if they feel obsolete or lacking, in providing a platform to carry out a simple truth that may have been buried inside of us for years. A truth that is simply this…to awaken the hearts of men, women and children around the world, to come to a knowledge of the saving work of Jesus.


If we explore the very definition of Christian revivals, we find that it simply means, “An improvement in the condition or strength of something. Or, a restoration of force, validity, or effect.”

What does this mean to us though?


The answer is staring us in the face and peering deep into our hearts. Make no mistake…there is a fire that is brewing throughout the world, just as it has been for centuries, that we must act upon. It may be something as simple as reaching a family member or a treasured friend. It may be that God is calling you to be a vessel for revival in your local church body, or most of all…to the men and women on the streets that have been forgotten.


Ask yourself…where and how does revival begin? What separates this concept from any other outpouring of what mankind has ever tried to offer for a particular cause that may feel relevant to our time and culture?

The answer is simple. Evil has engaged itself in a war for the souls of mankind. Yet it’s not about an uprising to just simply fight in a particular war. It is about taking the message of love, salvation and ultimate redemption to a lost and dying world in need of a Savior.


A simple love story of a man that laid down His life and rose again, to provide salvation for all of those that will hear this message and in turn, lay down their life for Him.


Evil has engaged itself in a war for the souls of mankind. May we be unified in Christ, crushing this army that already stands defeated. Once revival has begun in the hearts of people that need Jesus, it will grow as we fan the flames of the Gospel message, the ultimate love story.


Join us at www.thecenterforawakening.com  and share about the Sparks of Revival you are experiencing, right where you are.

Here’s The Deal with Larry Tomczak “Soon released movie as impactful as “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”

Here’s The Deal with Larry Tomczak “Soon released movie as impactful as “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”

March 25, 2019

Come Friday, March 29, a fantastic film will open in a theater near you. It pulls back the curtain on the subterfuge of the abortion industry. This movie should be supported by pro-life Americans across the board. As champions of justice and guardians of truth, we must invest the time and money to make this a success.

Hollywood liberals and America's No. 1 abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, did not want a film released nationwide because it reveals the lies and exploitation that rationalizes taking the lives of thousands of unborn little babies each day.

Unplanned does exactly that in a true story featuring its own "Employee of the Year" and youngest director of an abortion "clinic" in their infamous history.

Abby Johnson participated in 22,000 abortions and was radically transformed. She renounced the manipulation of women and began speaking out boldly and passionately to protect innocent little children waiting to be born. She had been one of their most gifted spokeswomen, encouraging multitudes of vulnerable girls and women by deceiving them: "This is women's health care, and these are your reproductive rights!"