On The Edge

Artist Association Interview with Rita Springer

January 6, 2015

What a great time of fellowship and encouragement with Rita Springer on this Artist Association profile, as we talked about the importance of True Worship, her ministry and her 5 favorite songs and the stories behind them..Believe me, you will want to hear this interview and the Worship Ministry of Rita Springer. 

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Through the last few decades, Rita has carried a powerful mantle and anointing to create atmospheres of worship through her songs and various recordings and has remained extremely influential in the Church.  Rita has recorded numerous albums, from her first projects Love Covers, Created To Worship, All I Have, and I Have To Believe to her later projects, including Worth It All, Beautiful You, Be Quiet, In This Forever, and The Playlist.  With her songs like the gut wrenching Worth It All to the simplistic cry of All I Need, Rita is able to draw listeners into a place of intimate worship with God.