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September 3, 2019

Student Poll: Obama "History's Greatest President"

                          - 10 Objective Reasons Why He was the Worst

After graduating from Cleveland State University I began working at the AFL–CIO headquarters across from the White House. Immediately they had me study the labor movement so I could accurately learn its history.

Because "Civics" isn't taught in our public schools anymore with 60's liberals and radicals dominating academia, it’s no surprise that college students do not receive an accurate picture of America’s rich history. Communist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin said, "If you can separate people from their history, they are easily persuaded."

The brutal reality: students are propagandized with a skewed view of America and ignorant of the lives and accomplishments of our truly great presidents. It’s also no surprise that the latest poll of college students ranked Barack Obama as the "Greatest President in American History." He had twice the votes of George Washington while Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy and even FDR were way back in the pack!