On The Edge

Here’s the Deal with Larry Tomczak ” Will Disney Dismember or “Make Dreams Come True” for Dancing Babies?”

June 10, 2019

Today’s technology and high definition sonograms reveal
with amazing clarity images of baby’s delightful thumb
sucking and dancing in the womb. It also discloses with
certainty DNA and detectable heartbeats of in utero
developing little ones. 

How far have we fallen as a society when we deny these
realities and cavalierly exterminate developing babies?

The New York Times cleverly covers recent "heartbeat"
bills protecting human life by using the replacement
phraseology of "embryonic pulsing." At the same time the
New York Legislature which previously cheered for
abortion until the moment of delivery just passed a
statute forbidding the declawing of cats because it is too
painful...inhumane...cruel for critters who must be

Multitudes of Americans take advantage of scientific
breakthroughs for convenient abortions and what
Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas accurately
labeled "Eugenics"  - selective breeding.

Recently PBS
featured a chilling documentary where a smiling mother
casually aborts her twin babies saying, "I feel a sense of