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Here’s The Deal with Larry Tomczak ” How Science, Sonograms, Scripture Confirm Unborn Babies Are Not Mere ‘Blobs’

August 5, 2019

At a recent pro-abortion rally, a number of feminists huddled together wearing T-shirts declaring, "My Body. My Choice." Emblazoned on their placard were the words: "PARASITES DON'T HAVE RIGHTS."

At another rally upholding the sanctity of life, a young girl carried a sign that read: "IF MY MOM DIDN'T CARE—I MIGHT NOT BE HERE—THANKS, MOM!

Abortion is not primarily a religious or feminist issue; it is a human issue! Protecting the life of a developing baby in the womb should be the concern of every compassionate person committed to social justice. 

The problem: Scores struggle to believe the tiny person forming inside mom is biological life. They say, "fetus", unaware that the Latin word refers to the humanity of preborn life not merely a blob of tissue. Ironically, they still speak of a "baby bump" or ask "When is the baby due?"

When the Supreme Court ruled on abortion in 1973, Justice Blackmun based his opinion on the practice of pre-Christian Roman law which allowed abortion. He admitted that "Greek and Roman law afforded little protection to the unborn" as well as the newly born since Roman law also permitted infanticide.