On The Edge

Interview with Dwayna Litz, President of Lighting the Way International

January 22, 2015

A wonderful interview with Dwayna Litz, the President and Founder of Lighting The Way International.  A look into the quotes of some of America's greatest leaders and fore fathers, from her book "America Come Home" Lighting the Way is a worldwide ministry, which Dwayna Litz began at Venice Beach, CA, in 2002. LTW does evangelism based on apologetics, always showing people love and answering questions based on logic and what the Bible teaches to draw the line of demarcation between Jesus as Savior and other belief systems such as Islam, atheism, Judaism, Hinduism, agnosticism, Buddhism, transcendental meditation and witchcraft. For a list of worldwide locations of outreach, please go to www.lightingthewayworldwide.org .