On The Edge

Missions Radio Interview with Jeremy Stallnecker of Mighty Oaks Warrior Program

January 20, 2017
New Book “Path to Resiliency” Challenges Warriors - Military and Civilian - to be Resilient to Life’s Trials.
Authors Chad Robichaux and Jeremy Stalnecker to Donate over 5,000 Books to Active Duty Military 
Book reveals proven methods of resiliency learned after 5 years of intensive programming by Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs.  These programs have graduated over 1,200 Warriors without one loss to suicide.
loriincali_3Dbookgraphiccopy--1.jpgLos Angeles, CA – Chad Robichaux and Jeremy Stalneckerof Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs (MOWP) will release their new book “Path to Resiliency” on January 5, 2017 in ebook and soft cover formats.  With a foreword by US Army (retired) Major General Bob Dees, Author of “The Resilience Trilogy” and Founder of the Institute for Military Resilience at Liberty University, “Path to Resiliency” explores how the greatest of Warriors, both military and civilian, can be ready for, resilient to, and able to reintegrate from life’s greatest trials and challenges.
Robichaux explains, “The intent of this book is to equip our Warriors with the knowledge and resources to be resilient to the rigors of war and military life, as well as to share with you the lessons of Spiritual Resiliency we have learned by working with many combat veterans at Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs, by not only leading them to restoration, hope and a new purpose, but finding the strength to be truly resilient to every hardship this world might throw at us.  By applying the proven principles that Mighty Oaks has integrated to heal our Warrior’s spiritual and mental wounds, anyone can become prepared, strong, and spiritually resilient to trials that come our way.”